My New Year Wish For You

Dec 28, 2022

By Anne Sullivan 

At Harp Mastery® and Harp Quest we talk a lot about harp happiness. Harp happiness can mean many different things, but in a general sense it means playing the music you want the way you want. It means having fun with your harp playing and enjoying sharing it with others. Harp happiness feels like accomplishment, growth and adventure all in one, and it’s a very important part of your harp journey. 

So with your harp happiness in mind for the new year, I have created a little acronym with a special wish for you and your harp playing. 

H Health in your hands. head and heart.

A  All kinds of music to play, hear and share.

R Rewards of diligence and persistence in our practice.

P Pride in your accomplishments.

Hunger for learning that sustains and propels you.

A  Achievement and satisfaction.

P Pleasure in the little things, wherever you find them.

P Peace on earth and in your heart.

I Inspiration every day.

N Nourishment from your teachers, friends, and your family

E Encouragement before you know you need it.

S Silence so you can appreciate the color that music brings to your world.

S Smiles, fun and harp happiness all tear long.

Happy New Year!


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