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Question 1 of 9

What do you love most about playing the harp? 

Question 2 of 9

Do you find it challenging to know what or how to practice?





Question 3 of 9

About how much time do you practice each day? How much time would your teacher like you to practice? 

Question 4 of 9

What do you think would be the most fun harp thing ever - your favorite piece, or place to play or people to play with or a kind of music? 

Question 5 of 9

Do you find it easy or hard to balance your schoolwork, harp and other extracurricular activities? What do you do to get everything done?

Question 6 of 9

What are some of your harp goals for this year? 

Question 7 of 9

What would you enjoy most about being able to talk - online or in person - with other harp students your age?

Question 8 of 9

Do you play the harp with your school band, orchestra or other ensemble? If so, which one(s)?

Question 9 of 9

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