Finding Finger Freedom: A Video Lesson

Jul 10, 2024

by Anne Sullivan 

We just celebrated another Independence Day here in the United States and it reminded me how much we harpists depend on the independence, and interdependence, of our fingers and our hands. 

That’s what technical facility means, to have fingers that work well together and on their own. Each finger must be able to play individually and with the other fingers. It must have an equal tone to the others and be able to match them in dynamic and expression. After all, we only use eight fingers; we can’t afford to have a slacker in the bunch.

A smooth, fluid technique not only allows us to play at faster tempos, but it gives all our music expression and polish. A strong technique is what makes even “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” sound profound in the hands of a virtuoso.

Today, I thought I would share a video lesson from the archives that will help your fingers on their path to independence. The video gives you some instruction on how to use the accompanying PDF to practice scales and intervals in a way that will get all your fingers moving. 


You can download the PDF from the link below the video or go directly here.


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